Kirsty Hello my name is Kirsty Graham. I am an early years teacher, I have worked in nursery and reception classes, in both the private and the public sector. I am very passionate about the early years, this passion created the idea that became Time to Engage.

Something that became apparent throughout my time in the role as class teacher, is the importance of working as a team with the parents and or carers. I truly believe that without the parents or carers support and involvement a child can never truly reach their full potential. I created Time to Engage to help parents to understand the importance of this, and to give them the building blocks to carry on their involvement in every day life.

mashuda Hello, my name is Mashuda. Through 10 years of working in the early years setting as a Nursery Nurse, I have gained a rich palette of valuable experiences and have developed a deeper understanding on how children learn.

Time to Engage has enabled me to develop as an educator and as a parent. This has cultivated and shaped my enthusiasm for working with children.
As a parent, I understand the importance of parental involvement and participation in facilitating and nurturing children’s development and learning. This has provided me with a strong foundation and set of skills to build upon. I strongly believe that by working closely together, we can develop and challenge your child’s learning. This would not be possible without your support. Together we can teach the children the skills and attitudes that will enable them to become a long life learners.