IMG_1332Time to Engage is a project which lays the foundations of outstanding parental engagement, through a selection of evening and daytime workshops, and Saturday events. Time to Engage helps to support and encourage parents to become involved in their children’s education, working as a team with the teachers and their child to provide the best chance for successful development throughout the early years foundation stage.

Parents are just as important in a child’s successful development as a teacher, and without the parents help and involvement the child only has half the opportunities available to them. Time to Engage works with parents to model how to help their child through their education journey, by running simple and easy workshops, days out and providing a safe and friendly environment to learn and make friends.

Time to Engage started as an idea to get more parental involvement in the nursery class of a school in East London. It is partially funded by SHINE, a trust which provides opportunities to create stimulating and exciting programmes to guide children through the educations process, and requires a small contribution from the school.

Time to Engage is currently a working project in a primary school in East London, and as of September 2016 will also expand to another school in Tower Hamlets school. If you are interested in knowing more or thinking of running Time to Engage in your school please get in contact.

Overall Impact:

The impact this programme has had on the parents and children involved has been great. All children who have participated have made significant progress, and some of them are now achieving above expectations.

The parents who have participated are demonstrating a much healthier and happier life. Making friends and immersing themselves in school life. Their confidence in supporting their child at home has been directly affected by this more positive outlook.