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May Half Term




With half term fast approaching, have a look at this…

There are many city farms around, and they are brilliant for helping children understand about animals. Recognising different breeds or animals, similarities and differences and how to care for anther living creature. Both vital mile stones needed to achieve in the Early Years curriculum.

Children need to have an understanding of how to care of a living thing. This helps develop their personal and social skills. Now I am not saying go and buy them a pet. But allowing them to experience an animal and to see what it takes to look after them in the safety of a city farm experience is very beneficial for them. Plus it is FREE and FUN!!!

If the city farm does not appeal to you, here are other ideas for you and your child this half term…


Enjoy guys 🙂


Docklands Museum


IMG_3431We had a wonderful trip to the Museum of London Docklands on Saturday where they had a special event for children of all ages. Here we are enjoying a picnic lunch while listening to a story. We had a wonderful day out. All the children really enjoyed themselves and the parents were able to socialise and bond with their children. Building friendships with the other parents at your Childs school is so important. It gives you a support network with a group of people who are going through the same challenges as you.

Engaging in simple day trips like this trip to the docklands museum at West India Quay, is cheap, fun and very rewarding for your child. It allows them to experience new things and captures their imagination, encouraging them to want to learn more. So get out there and enjoy all there is!!! We definitely had a great day!




Idownload recently went to the Museum of London, and it was FANTASTIC!! We are so lucky in London to have many amazing museums, which are extremely child friendly, on our door step and they are FREE!! It doesn’t matter if your child is interested in dinosaurs, science, fashion, history as there is something for everyone!

Here is a link to help inspire you