What is Early years Education?



We invited our Nursey parents to an evening workshop and demonstrated how we teach and deliver the Early Years Curriculum through fun and exciting play based activities.

Counting Worms
We had superb play from parents at the worm counting activity, where parents explored worms in soil. We talked about different learning outcomes from this activity such as, fine motor skills, knowledge and Understanding the World, Language development and Maths.

Water fun
We discussed how to make bath time fun and a leaning zone for children, for example, adding empty plastic bottles, containers and jugs when giving children a bath, can develop mathematical concepts and language, such as, empty, full, less, more, big, little.
Providing household materials of different shapes and sizes to compare weight and quantity.

Pre-Writing and Fine Motor skills
We learnt lots about Fine Motor Skills and how they will help children when they are ready to write.
We had a fantastic time, making lots of marks and talking about them with our Nursery parents.  We used lots of different media and materials to make marks, we explored using paint, pens, different sized tools etc.

Have a look in the gallery at some of the photos taken from the workshop.


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