DSC00726PlayDough is amazing!! It can be used in so many fun and interesting activities. It also helps a child develop their muscles in their hand ready for when they start to write. It can help develop their imagination skills…as they will nearly always pretend to make cakes or other food type objects with it. It can be used to support maths development, count it, measure it, pattern it, copy it. it will also give you heaps to talk about. Sit at the table with your child playing with play doh together and the conversations you will have will be magical.

But most importantly you can MAKE IT YOURSELF!!!! whooo hoooo… and we all know we love to have educationally friendly activities in the house for the little ones…especially if they are free.

Heres the recipe:

3 cups of plain flour

3 cups of salt

3 table spoons of oil

3 cups of boiling water  (make sure you do this part)

and food colouring of your choice and mix until it make a doh like consistency. Let it cool then enjoy 🙂


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