Maths at Home



Maths can seem like a scary prospect, but trust me it isn’t…it can even be fun. Your child will love playing these simple games with you,  which will make maths fun and easy.

Here have a look…

  • Counting the buses…as you walk down the street, count how many buses drive past you, or mix it up and choose a colour of car, how many can you spot? You can make  it a competition, compete against each other, or do it as a team.
  • What numbers can you see? Read the numbers of the bus, or the house numbers on the street aloud, encourage you child to read them with you, who can say them the loudest!
  • Baking; cooking together is a fantastic way to introduce measuring, plus it is super fun and yummy.
  • Bath time, put empty bottles and containers in the bath with them, allow them to fill them up. Use language such as ‘full’, “empty”, “half full”.
  • Puzzles, puzzles are a brilliant and simple way to engage with maths with your child. This develops the child’s spacial awareness, and understanding of shape and positional language. If you don’t have a puzzle at home, find an old photograph or magazine. Cut the picture up and the try and put it back together again.

I challenge you to try at least one of these and let me know how you get on!


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